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samedi 27 octobre 2018

Your Catholic Week in Review (CCHD Is At It Again Edition)

Your Catholic Week in Review (CCHD Is At It Again Edition)

Guess which group got $240,000 to promote Planned Parenthood and LGBT issues?  

San Francisco's Coalition on Homelessness (COH) not only endorses Planned Parenthood, but they actively promote birth control, homosexuality, transgenderism, and even so far as supporting legalized prostitution -- all with resources directly from the United States Counsil of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Worse than this?  They have even mocked the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The "artwork" that COH auctioned off depicted the Blessed Mother as a transgender, alongside a "prayer" beseeching "our Lady" to "grant all transwomen … safe love" and claims that "our Lady" launched "the movement for LGBTQ freedom."

Could you imagine the uproar if COH had depicted Muhummad as a transgender?
...or Buddha?
...or any Hindu god?
...or disparaged the Jewish faith?

Yet when COH disparages and mocks the Blessed Mother, they are not only applauded but rewarded by the Catholic bishops themselves?!

Now 75% of every dime that is raised by the CCHD collection goes towards funding grants to organizations such as COH, which means that every bishop that participated in the CCHD collection helped finance this organization -- and in their own way?  Helped inspire and condone this mockery of Mary:

How will they rectify the fact that Catholic money went to a group that blasphemously insults Our Lady; a group that promotes Planned Parenthood; a group that calls for the legalization of prostitution; a group that promotes homosexuality and gender dysphoria?

Will they publicly apologize for misdirecting Catholic funding so egregiously?  Will they call for Masses of reparation? Or will they just sweep this under the rug like everything else, and hope no one notices?

One thing is abundantly clear.  Neither the USCCB nor the CCHD are keeping their promises to reform.

So the reaction from the Catholic faithful must be clear and forthright. 

NOT ONE MORE DIME to the CCHD collection.  

It is time to end the CCHD.  It has done nothing to end or even relieve poverty in its 40 years of existence, and worse, it has continuously funded grave offenses to God.  It is time to shut it down completely because it has proved itself to be beyond reform.

Lepanto Institute will be releasing a series of investigations about CCHD grantees and their activities in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

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Like you, I tend to get a lot of mail. Sometimes it's mail I want to read, and sometimes there are solicitations and the like -- some of which are informative, and some of which are not so informative. 

...and then there are publications like America sending me homosexual prayer cards (no joke):

This "prayer" comes from Fr. James Martin SJ's "Building a Bridge" -- his apologia for homosexual sin -- and begins with the phrase "you made me who I am".  The immediate implication of this?  If the homosexual was made in the image of God, then God must be a homosexual... which is not just blasphemous, but theologically impossible.

God doesn't make someone a homosexual anymore than he makes them a child rapist, alcoholic, or thief.  

What God does do is give us the sacraments -- the mark of Baptism, the grace of Penance, the fortification of the Eucharist.  

Of course, one wonders whether Fr. Martin reserves this same sort of false charity for his many critics.  Too often, when Martin is backed into a corner?  Martin is the one doing the "spitting" and making faithful Catholics feel "less than" those whom he claims he is trying to bring into the Church... but not with the sacraments (and certainly not with words such as chastity, holiness, obedience, or fidelity).

How else is this prayer not to be interpreted but as the Church bending to the concupiscence of man?

The very fact of the matter is that through Original Sin, we are all inclined toward "lesser goods" -- doing what is easy rather than what is right; relying upon our own strength rather than God's strength. 

Martin's mistake is a curiously Pelagian one.  Abandoning the sanctifying grace of the sacraments, Martin insists that God must come to the sinner.  Tolerance replaces sanctity; discretion replaces holiness.  Thus what is evil is called good, what is sin is called "less than", and Jesus a sociologist rather than a Christ.

It is interesting as well that the word Christ implies an anointing, as if one were applying a balm to heal the recipient.  The "balm" that we are given by Christ to the Church are the sacraments -- this is the way to the Way, the truth that leads to Truth, the life that gives us Eternal Life.

Christ understood rejection -- He was the cornerstone that was rejected.  But what Christ did not do was tolerate humanity in our own state of concupiscence and with our own appetites for shortcuts and sin.  "Vade retro, Satana!" (Get behind me, Satan!) Christ tells St. Peter just moments after Christ made him pope -- and in front of the Apostles!  Hardly the prayer of welcoming and acceptance Fr. Martin offers above...

Did St. Peter feel marginalized?  Made fun of?  "Less than"?  How un-Christlike of Christ!  Where was Fr. Martin when St. Peter needed him?!

Of course, feeling apart from the world is the crucible of saints.  Rather than wallow in our feelings, Jesus Christ asks us to take up our crosses and follow Him -- to take the difficult road rather than the easy one. 

Suffering sanctifies; sin destroys.  Sin separates us from God, makes us forget our human dignity, and indeed makes us feel "less than" not just in the world but before Christ.  Such suffering is a reminder that we cannot impose our will on the Divine Will, and this is a very good thing!

God's mercy through his sacraments is there for the taking... and after all, we cannot be more merciful than Christ. 

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As always, please pray for the Church, for our bishops and priests, and for Lepanto's mission as we continue to unearth the truth and "restore all things to Christ." (Col. 1:20)

Christus Vincit!

Michael Hichborn
Lepanto Insititute